Energizing the Groundswell

7 Apr

Word of mouth is critical when it comes to energizing your groundswell. If you want to an energized base you’re going to have to let the things fall where they may. For example, if someone said H&M products sucked, then they would have to deal it and sallow their pride and find out why people think that.

Word of mouth succeeds because:

Its believable- Testimonials from customer are far more creditable than any media source

Its self reinforcing- Hear from one person, and it’s intriguing. Hear from five or ten, even if you didn’t know them before, and it has to be true.

Its self spreading- If a product us worth using, its word of mouth generates more word of mouth in a cascade that’s literally exponential.


Overall, energizing your customers can be a very powerful marketing strategy, however, energizing is much riskier than the talking and listening strategies discussed in previous posts. The authors warn that if you want to energize your customers you must prepare for a new way of thinking.

“Tapping into the power of word of mouth by connecting with, and turning on, your most committed customers.” (Bernoff & Li, 2011)


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