Helping the Groundswell Support Itself

24 Mar

Helping your customers support themselves will make them happier, save money, and generate insights.  But it will require a great deal of effort for the company.  Li and Bernoff outline 3 questions you should ask before you start:

1. What problem is your support activity trying to solve? – Why will people participate?

2. Groundswell support needs your participation – communities need activity, few will go to a forum that’s not buzzing with activity.

3. Why build it if you can join it? – You should check whether there is an existing community for your customers.


Groundswell can help a company shift from a traditional way, to a more innovative way to connect with customers. H&M could create a support forum.  They could create a wiki to encourage teamwork and collaboration between staff and customers.  The closest thing H&M has to a support forum is social media like Facebook and Twitter, where other customers can talk to each other as well as staff members. However H&M can look to expand in the area to help them achieve greater success.

“Company participation is crucial in the beginning.”  


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