Talking with the groundswell

10 Mar

“The key to succeeding in social networks is to help people spread your message and to measure the results” (Bernoff & Li, 2011)

When brads should use social networks:

Example used: H&M

1. Use the social technographics profile to verify that your customers are in social networks.

Based on the information from the social technographics profile for H&M, the majority of their target market group claims to participate in online social networking

2. Move forward if people love your brand.

H&M is internationally known, and many customers loyal to the brand. They have tons of followers on Twitter and likes Facebook.

3. See what’s out there already.

H&M has a strong social media presence that will only continue to grow. They are part of customers’ daily life through their pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.

4. Create a presence that encourages interaction.

H&M’s target group mainly are users of Facebook and Twitter. However many also use Pinterst; H&M hopes to expand their presences there.


Here is a example of how H&M uses YouTube to expand their social media presence: 


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