Listen to the Groundswell

18 Feb

“Your brand is whatever your customers say it is”(Bernoff & Li, 2011)

In the groundswell, where customers communicate with each other through social technologies rather than relying on institutions, they decide what your brand represents. So you have to learn what your customers want by listening.

In this chapter it mentions that you know where there are potential and existing groundswells for your industry and company. Listening is a good way to conduct market research. Social media can be a cost effective way to listen and learn from your market. Listening is about gaining an in-depth understanding and knowledge about your market and your customers. The social media demographics for your industry, geography and the age of your buyers will help determine where and how you should listen. Communities of special interest can help you understand and converse with key people with similar interests, problems and needs. This can be useful where there is some void or barrier for people to connect.



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