The Groundswell Inside Your Company

20 Apr

In this chapter of the Groundswell book, it discusses how companies engage their employees through an internal groundswell. Building relationships with your employees is just as important as the relationships you build with your customers. These are the people that can speak firsthand about the company and if they share their thoughts with the groundswell. The impact can be both positive and negative depending on what they have to say. By allowing employees share and discuss how they feel or what they think can change allows them to feel as if they have responsibility to the company and give them a sense of accomplishment when they are recognized.


H&M should have a outlet, like a website for employees to shares their opinions. Learning what the employees want will make them feel important. Employees satisfaction promotes increased motivation towards the job. By going this, H&M can become very successful in the future.


3 ways social media (ROI) can be calculated

15 Apr

1. Define Your Inputs for Lead Generation

Indirect and Direct Response Conversion Point- Measure those who filled out your lead forms. Look for the number of leads and the growth rate in each range.

New Business Campaign History- Look at all of your new business for the month against the campaign history that has been reported in your cookies. How many times was social media has assisted at any point in the campaign history leading up to the sale? (Kelly, 2013)

2. Use Lead Scoring to Place Leads Into the Proper Place in the Sales Funnel

Break your leads into three distinct pools of prospects. Define timeframes for conversion based on your business and the standard buying cycle.

Slow- In the pre-research/awareness phase. They find what you say interesting and they want to follow it, but they aren’t looking for a solution right now.

Medium- In the research/consideration phase. They are looking at products to be considered as a solution. You want to find the tipping point for them. It is likely that most of the marketing dollars get spent converting these people.

Fast- In the decision-making/buy phase. They want a solution and they have a clear time frame for when they need it. Most of your sales team spends their time actively working them. (Kelly, 2013).

3. Understand Where Social Media Efforts End and Sales Efforts Begin

Social media lead generator. Once the lead comes in, marketing efforts and sales team efforts kicks in.

“If you are reaching people at the pre-research/awareness phase with social media and you do not have marketing programs or sales processes to support it, you may cut bait on the only marketing effort that is touching this group” (Kelly, 2013). Make sure to review your sales and marketing efforts to see affects of ROI.

A lack of awareness program, could be the reason you aren’t converting these leads. “Evaluate social media for the value it really brings to the table and make sure you don’t overlook some of the areas where social media is already delivering ROI to your company” (Kelly, 2013).

Eg. H&M is pretty popular on many social media outlets. These outlets are driving a ton of people to H&M’s website. Here you can see that H&M’s leads are woman 25-34. Reviewing sales from this customer base can give H&M an idea of ROI for their social media. Looking at their new business for the month against the campaign history that has been reported can also help them assess their ROI.


Kelly, N. (2013). Social Media Examiner . Retrieved 2013, from How to Measure Social Media Return on Investment for the Complex Sale:

Energizing the Groundswell

7 Apr

Word of mouth is critical when it comes to energizing your groundswell. If you want to an energized base you’re going to have to let the things fall where they may. For example, if someone said H&M products sucked, then they would have to deal it and sallow their pride and find out why people think that.

Word of mouth succeeds because:

Its believable- Testimonials from customer are far more creditable than any media source

Its self reinforcing- Hear from one person, and it’s intriguing. Hear from five or ten, even if you didn’t know them before, and it has to be true.

Its self spreading- If a product us worth using, its word of mouth generates more word of mouth in a cascade that’s literally exponential.


Overall, energizing your customers can be a very powerful marketing strategy, however, energizing is much riskier than the talking and listening strategies discussed in previous posts. The authors warn that if you want to energize your customers you must prepare for a new way of thinking.

“Tapping into the power of word of mouth by connecting with, and turning on, your most committed customers.” (Bernoff & Li, 2011)

Tapping the Groundswell with Twitter

7 Apr

“Twitter may well be among the simplest, most powerful social tools you can use. Just make sure you integrate it with the rest of your social channels” (Bernoff & Li, 2011)

Getting onto Twitter is a big step for organizations to take. But now that they are there, what are they supposed to do? People who don’t use Twitter tend to write it off. What can you say in 140 characters? Twitter has quickly become a key part of the groundswell with extending activity in everything from blogs to social networks and given Twitter users an outsized level of influence.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 2.33.42 PM

For H&M, it is very important show to its followers its new promotional campaigns to encourage consumers to shop. Providing advice, without advertising a product or service, is another way companies can participate on Twitter. These tweets will gain followers as they provide useful information to followers.

Some aspects of Twitter include:

Followers: Twitter allows anyone to follow anyone else
Hashtags and Searches: By default, all Twitter updates are public, which makes them searchable, such as #clothes
Mentions and Retweets: Twitter provides an easy way to reply to or reference another Twitter user within a tweet
Links: Many Tweets include links to Web sites
Lists:  In 2010, Twitter added the ability to create lists of people you follow, and these lists can be shared
Apps and Tools: Because Twitter feeds are open, there’s a huge collection of tools that tap into it for both individual twitters and companies

Helping the Groundswell Support Itself

24 Mar

Helping your customers support themselves will make them happier, save money, and generate insights.  But it will require a great deal of effort for the company.  Li and Bernoff outline 3 questions you should ask before you start:

1. What problem is your support activity trying to solve? – Why will people participate?

2. Groundswell support needs your participation – communities need activity, few will go to a forum that’s not buzzing with activity.

3. Why build it if you can join it? – You should check whether there is an existing community for your customers.


Groundswell can help a company shift from a traditional way, to a more innovative way to connect with customers. H&M could create a support forum.  They could create a wiki to encourage teamwork and collaboration between staff and customers.  The closest thing H&M has to a support forum is social media like Facebook and Twitter, where other customers can talk to each other as well as staff members. However H&M can look to expand in the area to help them achieve greater success.

“Company participation is crucial in the beginning.”  

Talking with the groundswell

10 Mar

“The key to succeeding in social networks is to help people spread your message and to measure the results” (Bernoff & Li, 2011)

When brads should use social networks:

Example used: H&M

1. Use the social technographics profile to verify that your customers are in social networks.

Based on the information from the social technographics profile for H&M, the majority of their target market group claims to participate in online social networking

2. Move forward if people love your brand.

H&M is internationally known, and many customers loyal to the brand. They have tons of followers on Twitter and likes Facebook.

3. See what’s out there already.

H&M has a strong social media presence that will only continue to grow. They are part of customers’ daily life through their pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.

4. Create a presence that encourages interaction.

H&M’s target group mainly are users of Facebook and Twitter. However many also use Pinterst; H&M hopes to expand their presences there.


Here is a example of how H&M uses YouTube to expand their social media presence: 


10 Mar

POST is an acronym of the 4-step planning process to build your social media promotions strategy – People,Objectives, Strategy and Technology.


Below is examples of how H&M uses POST as their planning strategy:

People- It assess customers’ social activities, which is difficult in some organizations but easier in others. One of H&M’s core values is “We Belief in People”. They believe in their people and their ability to take their own initiative. They also encourage employees to test their boundaries and put forward new ideas. In order to fulfill the needs of the customers, H&M launched EDLP (Every Day Low Prices) products.

Objectives- This decides what the company wants to accomplish. In this step you should take your time and first figure out your objectives. H&Ms objective is to offer their customers fashion and quality at the best price. H&M states numerous of times that quality is more than making sure that products meet or exceed their customer’s expectations. H&M is constantly working to better their products by manufacturing under good working conditions, and with limited impact on the environment.

Strategy– This is the plan for how relationships with customers will change. Try and integrate other elements of your marketing mix with social media, and involving the right people. H&M know it has to adhere to what the consumers wants and needs. They know what they need to do and how to do it, to continue to bring in more revenue.

Technology- This is where you decide which social technologies to use, weather it is it a corporate blog, or wiki. You have to figure out whom the people are that you want to talk to and map out the objectives and strategy, then after you can then focus on which tools you would like to use. H&M has established a strong social media presence that will only continue to grow. They are part of customers’ daily life through their pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.